Cacabawee is a name I adopted because of the number of fish I shot and sold bearing the name. I was pleasantly surprised when I realised that the name was not used by anyone on the internet.
When I started this blog I changed the name to “Tropical Divers” but when I did a search there were too many websites already using that phrase. I changed the name back to Cacabawee and I am never changing it again!

Would you change a name so unique that out of billions of people only you have it? That is a one in a billion name.

Ok, enough about that. The real reason I started this blog in the first place was to tell the whole wide world about the simple cacabawee fish and how it changed my life. I shoot other fish as well but cacabawee always make up a greater percentage of the catch than any other species.
So please enjoy my blog, comment on it or I won’t know if you read it in the first place, and keep checking back for more bayside stories and recipes and pictures as I share my experiences as a free diver with the whole wide world.

aka Cacabawee


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